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Kevin Scribner, CBT, BLBT

A founding member of Prevail Ministries, Inc., Kevin has over 25 years of experience in faith-based counseling. He is compelled to help and to be a facilitator of healing, discovery, and revelation within the lives of people. Kevin believes that most people long for purpose, meaning, and direction in life. He also believes that people desire to grow and to better connect with themselves, with others and with God. He walks alongside people as they journey through life’s places of pain and joy so that he might see them live life unhindered. 


It is Kevin’s belief that God redeems and restores you spiritually then naturally while preventing past or current struggles from holding you back from meaningful relationships. He believes that pain and suffering are real with no one being immune or exempt. He views counseling as a transformational process which makes healing possible, change achievable, and renewal attainable. 


Kevin has counseled those experiencing grief and loss, anxiety and stress, depression, self-esteem, divorce and relationship concerns, life transitions, marital and premarital matters. He works with families, adults, couples, and teens. He is passionate about helping people find hope and healing in whatever they are facing. He desires to see them find restoration and renewed strength in their life. He is blessed to have the opportunity to partner with them as they walk in healing.


Kevin earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and counseling license and certification from the Therapon Institute. Kevin is a Board Licensed Belief Therapist and a Certified Belief Therapist. His passion is helping people pursue sustainable well-being from a biblical model utilizing spiritual and best practices. 

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Hattie M. Scribner, PhD BLBT, MCHES 

Dr. Hattie is co-founder of Prevail Ministries, Inc. Throughout her life’s journey, numerous experiences have shaped her perspective regarding spirituality, relationships, and human conditions. Those experiences subsequently advanced her profession in ministry and her craft in public health. Both her profession and craft were enriched from travel to the outer villages of Belize and Guatemala where she served impoverished areas and worked with hard-to reach populations.


Hattie’s “God appointed” assignment is to serve as a witness that God has already put in you what is needed to move you from “Desolation” to “Godly Destination”.  Her passion is to help people find healing in difficult places in their lives and hope in brokenness. She is committed to walking alongside people who are hurting and helping them process issues that are keeping them from experiencing a healthy life. Her care and compassion for others serves as a basis to help people wherever they are.


Dr. Hattie has worked with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families who are dealing with anxiety, relationship difficulties and divorce. She believes that none of us have a perfect life and that many of us are facing challenges that we never expected. It is these challenges coupled with our past and current hurts that contribute to our physical, emotional and mental health thus shaping the lens with which we view the world. She is a firm believer that when “people embrace lies - the truth is forever fleeting”.  


Dr. Hattie has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Leadership, a Masters in Health Science and a Bachelors in Community Health. She also holds credentials both as a Board Certified Licensed Belief Therapist and a Masters Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES), which are nationally recognized. Her craft is public health with over 25 years in both nonprofit and state government. Lastly, Dr. Hattie is an alumnus of the Center for Disease Control and the Association of Schools of Public Health Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership where she received comprehensive training in public health prevention and strategic planning and management.

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